Zombs Royale


Zombs Royale is a fun survival game with a unique aesthetic.Shoot down your opponents rapidly to get an edge in a crowded arena.Let's go!

Game Modes

The term "Battle Royale" refers to a generic framework that connects the four primary game types. In Zombie Royale, 100 players are dropped onto a zombie-infested MMO battleground, with the number of players gradually decreasing over time.

There are 4 game modes

  • Solo is a fighter.
  • Duos are two-player games.
  • A squad is a four-player group.
  • Game modes vary every few days, so there's only so much time.

Weapons and Powers

There will be many weapons and materials for you to utilize all throughout the map. All you have to do now is go into the chest and pick up the goodies. Weapons, potions, and ammo are among the prizes.
Weapons are classified according to their rarity, with common and uncommon weapons being the most common and unusual, respectively. Players will come after you if you have mythological weapons in your possession.


Everything from your emoticons to your costumes, melee skins, sprays, and bags can be customized.
When you create a Zombs Royale account, you'll be able to purchase a variety of goods to customize your character. They don't provide you an advantage in the game, but they are visually appealing.


  • 100 players on a massive battlefield
  • There's a ton of stuff to find and try out.
  • Items to improve the look of your character
  • a game of action


  • M or tab to view the map,
  • To move , use WASD or arrow keys.
  • To interact, press E
  • To shoot, press L.
  • To access the emoji list, right-click and select "Open Emoji List."
  • R (reload)