Gunblood is a western shooting game where only the fastest shooters survive. Resolve your disagreements by shooting each other in the street.

This village is too little for the two of us, so sketch! If you've ever wanted to be a part of a western duel, Gunblood is the game for you! Choose one of 10 different wild west characters and try to outshoot your opponents! In this visceral game, you'll face nine rounds of furious, reaction-based duels! After each successful combat, you are greeted with a new, more difficult opponent, and your chances of survival are drastically reduced! Can you win every duel and establish yourself as the best shooter in town?

Hover your mouse over the barrel at the bottom of the screen until the countdown reaches zero. Then raise your gun and fire at the bloody creatures attempting to kill you. Your score will be determined by your speed and accuracy. It will also influence whether or not you live to see another round.

Gunblood is a challenging online shootout game. You only have six shots because your revolver only has six. You must not only make them count, but you must also do so quickly. Because your adversary is not wasting any time in attempting to murder you. In between duels, you can practice with your assistance by shooting at knives, bottles, or even birds. To earn more points, shoot as many as you can.

Controls: Mouse