Combat Online


Combat Online is a thrilling multiplayer 3D shooter! Enter an arena in order to defeat all of your opponents. You must be the sole survivor!

Online combat is a shooting game. The next aim is to score as many points for your squad as you can. Utilize a variety of weaponry to take down your opponents. In addition to numerous other weapons, you can employ handguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles. There will also be a huge selection of maps. Both the aesthetics and playability of the game are excellent. So get started right away and score some points for your squad!

In this online, browser-based first-person shooter (FPS), up to 14 players can engage in combat on the same map. Fight other players in team deathmatch or in custom modes on a variety of maps in this game that shares the same graphic style and gaming experiences as Counter Strike 1.6. Gaining levels, purchasing skins for your weapons and character, creating or joining a clan, and viewing the players' global rankings are all possibilities in Combat Online. You can also create your own maps using a map editor and post them online.

Join many game modes, including Team Battle, FFA, and CTF. Face off against gamers from across the world in a variety of arenas. You can't seem to locate an arena that's difficult enough for you. In the map editor of Combat Online, you can design your own battlefields. Do you possess the skills necessary to become the best battle champion?

How to play

  • Mouse - Aim and shoot
  • WASD keys - Move round the arena
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • 1-9 number keys - Change weapons
  • Shift - Sprint