1v1 Battle


1v1 Battle is an exciting 3rd person shooter game in which you have to train your battle skills to build and attack your enemies. Master the strategies to win!

This game is a perfect combination of building games and fighting games. By participating in this game, you can experience battles in which you have to build your barriers and shoot your opponents. Through 1vs1 Battle, you can demonstrate your intelligence, precision, talent, as well as your fast reflexes and reactions in each match. In particular, thanks to AAA-level graphics and entertaining gameplay with a third-person perspective and intuitive controls, you can get rid of boredom to entertain after long workdays. Let's start the ultimate game and enjoy!

Before joining official battles, you should take part in training modes to master the necessary skills for this game. Training modes including shooting training and building training:

  • Shooting training: practice your battle skills with various weaponry in the shooting simulator, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and more.
  • Build training: without the threat of hostile fire, you can improve your building skills.

Then, you don't need to waste more time looking for a match. Just press the play button to find the game immediately. You have to build shelters to avoid bullets of your enemies and use your weapons to attack them. You win when eliminating your opponents. Each battle will help you enhance your construction combat shooting skills. Besides that, there is a game leaderboard. Let's take control of the leaderboard and become the greatest player of all time.

Features of 1vs1 Battle

  • Fun and exciting battle game
  • Various weapons to fight
  • Multiplayer

How to play

  • Walk/run = WASD
  • Jump: spacebar
  • Crouch: left Ctrl
  • Use: E
  • Shoot: left mouse button
  • Aim: right mouse button
  • Reload: R