Kogama Squid


Kogama Squid is a 3D online multiplayer fight game based on the film The Squid Game.Join the lethal rivalry in which 6 mini-games have been meticulously built.

Welcome to the realm of the Kogama Squid game, where you may play a Kogama game based on the Squid Game and experience sensations. The region where the Squid Game competitors resided will serve as your main portal into the universe, from which you may take part in a number of mini-games, races, and challenges created by people all over the globe, in which you compete for the most points and cash. Activate beneficial features by finding gates to difficult challenges and earning coins. With the money you make, go to the store and get some wonderful new clothes to enhance your look and help you perform better.
This game, like all other Kogama games, is lively and provides a fun and innocent gaming experience. As you enter the joyous and colorful world of Kogama, you may interact with all of the charming tiny animals who run and leap around the stages, eager for new experiences. Have a good time!


  • Online multiplayer warfare game in 3D
  • Art animations and cool graphics
  • Collect coins and use them to purchase helpful stuff.

How to play

  • To move, use the arrow keys.
  • Jump by using the spacebar.
  • The mouse is used to control the camera's direction, while the E key is used to interact.