Cyberpunk: Resistance


Cyberpunk: Resistance is a thrilling shooting game. You must control the character, shoot down all opponents to protect the city, and receive many bonuses.

Your team has to fight countless enemies in the city. All of them are armed. In particular, they can shoot guns at very long distances. You need to shoot them down before they shoot at you. The power bar above their heads indicates their remaining strength. They will die when the bar is no longer red. You also get yourself a power bar in the bottom left corner. Remember not to lose too much energy, or you will sacrifice. In case of force majeure, you should take advantage of the terrain as a shield to protect yourself. Shoot continuously at the opponent to be able to win. You move to a new level if you complete the goal.

The money you earn when you shoot down opponents will help you buy new weapons or change characters. You can buy weapons like Shotgun, Jetpack, and Launcher. You can also choose characters like Steve or Frankie. Each character has unique features. They will help you a lot during the game. Can you become the last one to survive? Come here and try your hand at this game. Good luck.

Features of Cyberpunk: Resistance

  • The first-person game creates a realistic feeling for the player.
  • Eye-catching 3D graphics. Vibrant sound.
  • The shop sells weapons like Shotgun, Jetpack, and Launcher. It also sells characters like Steve or Frankie.
  • Single-player.

How to play

WASD to move.

Left-click to shoot.

Mouse wheel to switch weapons.

Left shift to run.

Space bar to jump.

Double space to use a jet pack.

C to crouch.