Hero Master


Hero Master is a fascinating action game in which you will become a superhero to defeat aliens and protect the world from the danger of being invaded.

Attention! Attention! With the plan to invade the Earth planet, the alien army is flocking to the Earth. Your mission is to use your strong abilities to eliminate alien attackers and save the world. Aim correctly and kill all enemies. Don't let the opponents close to you if you don't want to die soon. The extreme boss will appear at the end of the battle. They are difficult to defeat. Try your best! You can earn a ton of money after each victory. Use your money to unlock new skills. Upgrade your abilities to strengthen yourself. Try to collect all three keys.

There are various enemies who are the main characters of famous movies such as Pirate, Joker, Huggy Wuggy, and so on. Choose your favorite opponent to fight.

Come on! It's a chance for you to become a real superhero.

Features of Hero Master

  • Various enemies such as Robots, Joker, Pirate, Gangsters, and so on
  • Many powerful skills to fight
  • Excellent 3D visuals and an original soundtrack
  • Multiple maps

How to play

Click to aim and kill your opponents