Description is a multiplayer 3D first-person shooter featuring destructible maps can be played in real time.2 game modes available: collect gems and battle royale.

To win, players must construct, manufacture, and shoot weaponry strategically.


Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary are the five distinct weapon levels. Each weapon's level is represented by its color. Weapons with higher tiers have greater attributes such as damage and reload time. The game also has accuracy and recoil mechanisms. Aiming may be done with the F key or the right mouse button.


  • For additional precision, hold down the F key or the right mouse button.
  • Guns may be upgraded using the crafting tool.
  • Some constructions provide more valuable riches than others.
  • Right-click a brick while holding it to transition to wall mode and put the blocks in bulk.
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W - advance ahead

S - retrace your steps

A - turn left

D - take a right

Jump using the spacebar; open inventory with the X.

Hold down the C key and bow.

Hold Shift if you want to sprint.

View the map by holding down the Tab key.

The main action on the item is performed with the left mouse button: item to shoot / item to use / item to eat

item secondary action: aim / switch block mode (right or F mouse button)