Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel


Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel is an exciting action game. This game is played by taking control of your character to fight against your opponent.

Are you ready to join the hero duel in this game? Select your favourite and start the fight right now. It’s time to show your power. In this game, your goal is to defeat your rival in the designated time frame. You have only more than 1 minute, so be fast. Attack your opponent by punching and kicking him or her constantly. Your opponent also does the same thing with you, so you need to step back to avoid his attack. Always pay attention to your blood bar. You will lose if your blood bar is empty.

Two modes including Story and Fight Vs modes are available for gameplay in this game. If you choose a Story mode, you have to confront the CPU. Try your best to score 2 points first to get a victory. For a FIght Vs mode, you can select to compete with the CPU or the other player. Invite your friend to play with you. Do your best to knock out your friend to become the winner. This game features a CPU and CPU mode which allows you to watch the battle between the CPU and CPU and learn the fighting strategy.

Features of Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel

  • 2 modes (Story and Fight Vs.)
  • Many characters and arenas to select
  • Easy control
  • Multiplayer
  • Nice 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play


Press WASD keys to move

Press F, G, H keys to punch

Press C, V keys to kick


Press ARROW KEYS to move

Press U, I, O keys to punch

Press K, L keys to kick