Penguin Hop


Penguin Hop is a funny arcade game in which you have to control your super sweet penguin to hop across busy roads and collect coins as much as possible.

Help! Help! There is a cute penguin straying from its herd, so your mission is to help it to hop across busy roads. It is challenging because the roads are crowded with cars and the cars are running at a high speed. Be careful! Don't get hit by cars. Jump on wooden pads to cross the river. If you jump one step, you will get one score. Try your best to get scores as high as possible. Don’t forget to collect coins along the road as much as possible. There is a pet shop that sells various colorful pets including a polar bear, a mammoth, a husky, and a walrus. Use the coins you earn to buy your favorite pet.

Come one! Click to play right now! How many scores can you get?

Features of Penguin Hop

  • Various pets including husky, walrus, mammoth, and polar bear to choose
  • Bright graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play

Press ARROW KEYS to move or use the mouse to control