Battle Dudes


Battle Dudes is a 2D multiplayer game with a battlefield that may be completely destroyed. Use weapons, tanks, and other destructive powers to combat other players.

There are a variety of maps and game styles to choose from. Log in to gain experience points and level up!

How to Play

Shoot weapons

To take down your opponents, you can employ over 20 different weapons. Each loadout will have various weapons, which you may simply select between using the number keys.

Drive vehicles

In addition to portable weapons, jeeps and tanks may be used to fast traverse the battlefield. The tanks, with their strong rockets and armor, may deal the greatest damage, but they are single-seaters. In the jeeps, there's room for one extra passenger who can hop in and fire adversaries through the window.

Level up

In, everyone starts at the same level. However, as you go through the game, you'll be able to acquire new perks and weaponry that will give you an advantage on the battlefield. Perks to improve your health, weapon damage, and other speed increases to improve your fighting effectiveness are among them.

Speak with your team

Because BattleDudes is an online multiplayer game, you may use the emoji wheel to interact with your teammates. To go to this menu, simply right-click. You'll be able to earn additional emojis if you stick to the BattleDudes objective, demonstrating your elite rank. For logged-in users, there's also a weekly leaderboard.

Tips and Tricks

  • Perks may be stacked, which means that if you have two of the same perk, the impact will be doubled.
  • Ammo and health packs are droppable, so you can aid your teammates by dropping them.
  • Grenades provide little damage to vehicles but a lot of damage to other players.
  • Every thing may be destroyed!


  • Online combat with a plethora of weaponry are exhilarating.
  • Tactical teamwork-driven gameplay with several game modes and maps to combat
  • There are a variety of unlocked bonuses and cosmetic items.


  • To move, use the WASD keys.
  • Shoot using the left mouse button, reload with the right mouse button, and enter vehicles with the right mouse button.
  • To swap weapons, use the mouse scroll or the 1-4 number keys.
  • To magnify the map, use M or Tab.
  • The controls can be customized in the Settings section.