BuildNow GG


Bored with the old games? Try playing this game and have fun. BuildNow GG is a multiplayer online shooter with a variety of game types, weaponry, and maps.
Build and battle your way to the top of the scoreboard in offline training mode, and improve your abilities.

BuildNow GG features five game modes spread across five distinct maps. These are the following:

Freebuild - a sandbox-style environment where you may train and play PvP with no restrictions
V-Arena - 1v1 or 6 player warfare Last guy standing wins in FFA.
BoxFight -Last guy remaining in a 1v1 boxfight or a 4 player FFA
Aim Training - Offline, practice your aim on static and moving targets.
Zone Wars - FFA with 6 players in a random zone

Features of BuildNow GG:

  • Build and fight your way through the top 5 action-packed game modes.
  • Play with a group of up to 6 people in a private setting.
  • Performance and key profile are fully configurable.
  • Offline, hone your construction and shooting abilities.

How to play

WASD or arrow keys = move
Space = jump
Q = wall
C = floor
V = ramp
Left shift = roof
F = edit
F = apply edit
Right-click = reset edit
Scroll wheel down = fast edit reset
Left-click = fire
Right-click = aim
Z = pickax
1 = slot 1
2 = slot 2
3 = slot 3
4 = slot 4
5 = slot 5
B = emotes
P = open chat
M = scoreboard