Blockpost is a first-person MMO shooter. Your team's mission is to destroy all other enemies. Start entering the arena now to create unique new experiences

Blockpost is a brand-new tactical shooter from Skullcap Studios' cubic game universe. While maintaining the hurricane character of the traditional online first-person shooter, the game introduces a new level of gameplay at the intersection of the most well-liked and pertinent genres, which is well-known to many ardent players of various ages worldwide.

The Minecraft game Blockpost pits you against either the terrorist or counter-terrorist team. Customize a wide range of weapons and purchase them for a low cost while playing these free PC games, where you can also receive new crates and skins every day to unlock new items! You will be able to play in a variety of game modes, including FFA, TDM, and even zombie mode, that you have never experienced before in a shooting game. At first, it will be simple, but as time goes on, it will get much harder! Build with your available blocks and have fun playing this zombie game!


  • 7 game modes each with its own set of locations (maps)
  • Over 20 game locations
  • More than 100 unique guns
  • System of clans (teams)


  • Shooting - Left mouse
  • Move - Arrow keys/AWSD
  • Select - E
  • Jump - Spacebar