Crazy Shooters


Crazy Shooters game is an action-packed first-person shooter. Your mission is to use the weapons you have to destroy the adversary.

Become a professional shooter by entering the arena. The user may design their own rooms, select a terrain, and play in either a squad or single mode!


  • In a multiplayer first-person shooter game, soldiers play as soldiers.
  • Up to 16 players can be accommodated in a single room.
  • During a match, you can employ a variety of weapons, including an RPG.
  • There are four detailed maps to select from when playing.


  • To move, use the WASD or arrow keys.
  • To shoot, use the left mouse button.
  • To aim, use the right mouse button.
  • R (reload)
  • Jumping area
  • To change weapons, hold shift and press the 1-9 key.
  • T to start a conversation and enter to submit a message