Impostor Rocketman


Impostor Rocketman is an exhilarating shooting action game in which you will transform into a rocket and try to get as far as possible while collecting items.

Welcome to the world of Impostor Rocketman! Are you familiar with impostor and crewmate? In this game, only the impostor appears and transforms into a rocketman. You will be propelled by a cannon to run as far as possible. On the track, you can face various items such as UFOs, coin bags, monsters, and bullets. Try to collect as many items as possible! Your main goal is to get the highest score while exploring various maps and enjoying adventures.

The mechanics are so simple. you only have to hold your mouse and click to propel your character. Moreover, this game features many different maps with cool graphics and effects. Have a nice time with this game!

Features of Impostor Rocketman

  • Fun and entertaining gameplay
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Various items

How to play

  • Mouse click.