Royale Dudes


Royale Dudes is a multiplayer battle royale game. Pick up equipment from crates and fallen soldiers to improve your arsenal, and be the last one standing!


  • Fight to secure your survival
  • Battle in a top-down 2D world that is decreasing over time. The traditional battle royale game mode. By parachuteing into the proper location, you may establish your strategic edge.

Find loot boxes to get better gear

  • Drop in near loot boxes to gain an advantage in the RoyaleDude arena. Around the map, there are numerous color-coded chests. The color indicates the rarity of the objects in the chest. You'll find powerful new weapons and gear to give you an advantage in this area.

Level up your account

  • Sign up for an account in Royale Dudes to enhance your possibilities. By leveling up and purchasing stuff, you can improve your weapon loadout, emotes, and clothes.

Buy new items in the shop

  • Using the currency you earn, you can buy numerous in-game cosmetic items. You can also buy jewels. Use gems to remove advertisements and purchase goods. Examine a variety of melee weapons, headwear, and emotes. Give yourself a lovely treat!