Backrooms is a fantastic escape-horror game for anyone looking for a thrill. If you don't want to confront the most terrifying creature, never stop fleeing!

Levels in Backrooms

  • Level 0: The "Corridor," as represented in the original image of The Backrooms, is a common name for this area. It has all of the obvious features, such as decaying carpets, yellow walls, and fluorescent lights. These people are known as "hunting dogs," and they are aggressive and deformed.
  • Level 1: in The Backrooms is obtained by exiting the "noclip zone" while remaining at Level 0. There will be a lot of machinery, as well as the possibility of a warehouse filled with fog and standing water. For example, the lights in the room will occasionally flicker and go out.
  • Level 2: is The Backrooms' darkest level. This stage has the impression of a long tunnel with industrial characteristics. After passing Level 1, the player can go to Level 2, which is substantially more difficult to pass. Keep your calm, examine your surroundings, and look for clues that will take you to safety so you may rapidly win The Backrooms.

Rules for success

The Backrooms Game is best suited for those looking for an exciting experience. Although this game has a frightening theme and takes you away from reality, it can effectively help you relax. To win Backrooms Game online, you must keep your calm and concentrate on the unusual items that surround the building and passageways. Make an attempt to locate hints after notes and clues in order to reach the exit as quickly as possible. You may feel uneasy at times due to unusual noises and a dismal environment, but do not be alarmed. Maintain your focus and your intellect on your goal, and everything will be solved with a single click of the mouse.

How to play

In The Backrooms Game, your character stumbles into a mysterious environment full of bizarre rooms and passageways. They're all too old and stale because they haven't been used in a long time, and there haven't been any guests in decades. To win Backrooms Game online, you must figure out the quickest means to escape from this building using your great brainpower.