Minecraft Classic


Minecraft Classic is a free online version of the popular sandbox construction game Minecraft.Players may create in creative mode with the 32 available blocks.

The Classic version was the first stage of development to have some of its variants made available to the general public. It was once known as "Minecraft Alpha." As a result, it is the version prior to any upgrades and expansions.

Because you only have 32 blocks to begin with, your construction options are limited. There are no creatures or adversaries in this version. So there's no need to be concerned about getting home before nightfall.

Sand blocks were once uncommon and only found on one-block-thick beaches. Don't throw away your sand bricks! When you walk in the old version, the character's arms flail about violently. It's just funny!


  • Three world sizes are available in this free online multiplayer version of the famous Minecraft game.
  • Several block choices
  • Fullscreen mode is provided for the fog system.


  • WASD to move
  • Left-click to destroy / place blocks
  • Right-click to toggle build mode
  • Number keys to choose blocks
  • Enter to save the position
  • R to load the position
  • B to open blocks menu
  • T to chat
  • F to toggle fog