Bullet Party


Bullet Party is a thrilling shooting game. Try to shoot down as many rivals as possible to gain the highest possible score and a high rank on the leaderboard.

In this game, you will have an opportunity to participate in the shooting fight between many players over the world. Attempt to aim accurately and shoot down all opponents you meet along the way. You can throw a grenade or use a knife if you run out of bullets. Your target is to kill over 100 rivals to get the highest possible score and be the best shooter. Because you play as a team, you need to support your teammates whenever they are in danger. Contrarily, if you are in danger, shoot a firework to call for help. Be wary of the hidden shooter. Collect the green cross icon to regain the blood you lose. If you are killed, click the Resume button to respawn immediately. The fight only ends when time's up. The team who kills more people will be victorious.

Come on! Play this game now and show off your shooting skill. You can join a room at random or create a new one. Invite your friends to play with you.

Features of Bullet Party

  • Various weapons to select
  • Multiplayer
  • Easy control
  • Incredible 3D visuals and original sound effects

How to play

Press WASD keys to move

Press a SPACEBAR to jump

Press a C key to crouch

Press a G key to throw a grenade

Press a right mouse to aim

Press a left mouse to shoot

Press 1,2,3,4 keys to change the weapon