Evil Granny: Horror Village


Evil Granny: Horror Village is a new horror game where you will fight a terrifying Evil Granny. You have to find the treasure and escape from the Horror Village.

It's frightening enough to navigate a dark, deserted village alone at night, but in this online game, each step must be taken with the awareness that it could be your last. No matter what you do, that psychotic woman will eventually find you since she is always nearby. So, when pursuing such objectives, move quickly. If you act quickly and intelligently, you could just succeed. Playing Evil Granny: Horror Village is completely free, but it can cost you your sanity!

You must navigate a dark yard, enter an abandoned hut, and search amid the eerie silence for the missing item there. She's already there—a ruthless, vicious character who is only waiting for you to squirm into her grasp before the game is over. After that, you have to start over.

Evil Granny: Horror Village includes a number of levels and is also simple to play; all you need is a keyboard, though a mouse is also helpful. Remember that the ability to quickly escape the oppression before it's too late, or to take a so-called backward turn, will be a very significant factor. Avoid giving in to extreme fear, which might paralyze you and prevent you from acting; instead, try to think clearly and logically, and you will undoubtedly discover a method to outwit the unattractive individual. May you always have bravery!

How to play Evil Granny: Horror Village

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - Run