Pixel Combat Fortress


Pixel Combat Fortress allows you to simulate pixel real war fighting against real players from all over the world. Discover more addictive features here.

You'll join the special forces team that will assault the fortress. You must completely eliminate the terrorists who have taken up residence in the fortress. Shoot, make an effort to move covertly, and remember to remove ammunition and first aid kits from the caches.

Don't forget about our helicopter where you can drive and also can enter your friends inside and fly together, cars can carry players back and can speed up fast and drift map and will gain some XP to buy a vehicle map or also by gain XP can rank fast and unlock some powerful vehicle. Our fps battlefield game will make you love realistic tanks and cool effects bullet and rocket explosions also when destroying a tank will show a nice destroyed rag doll. I won't bother you with any additional features for this game. You must figure out what makes it entertaining and compelling.

How To Play:

You have two options for starting a game: either create a server and wait for players to join, or join an already-made server! After that, choose a team to join and you will spawn. Move around by pressing WASD, R to reload, E to interact, and SPACE to jump. In the upper left corner, be mindful of your health! Use the mouse's cursor to look around, hit ESC to unlock it, click with the left or right mouse button to fire or aim, and then scroll with the mouse scroller to switch weapons. Good luck and have fun!