Description is a game with a large number of characters to choose from, as well as weapons and special abilities.Play multiplayer games online and even more.

Quickly dispatch your foes, select the best weapon for the job, and utilize it to defeat all foes. Venge io is a first-person shooter game that will teach you how to become a pro shooter. To get to the top of the scoreboard, sharpen your observation and reaction abilities. Unlock cards and use them wisely against all of your foes.

How to play
You can begin the game with Lilium or Shin and a choice of four basic weapons. Here's what's currently in the arsenal:

  • Scar – good for mid-range and long-range warfare.
  • Shotgun — a weapon with a short range and a high rate of firing.
  • Sniper – a powerful weapon with a great range.
  • Tec-9 — rapid-fire pistol with a short/medium range. SMG

Choose the weapon that creates the most havoc and use it to get to the top of the community leaderboard.


  • Four distinct characters, each with their own set of powers and weaponry
  • There are several gaming areas to choose from, each with its own set of game types.
  • Play with other online gamers in real time.
  • Option to communicate through chat
  • With 3D graphics, you may play for as long as you like.


  • Move - WASD keys
  • Shoot - Left mouse key
  • Aim - Right mouse key
  • Jump - Space Bar
  • Reload - R key
  • Melee - E key
  • Throwing weapon - F key
  • Buy - B key
  • Dance - H key
  • Chat - Enter key