War Brokers


War Brokers is a survival shooting game. In this game, your mission is to drive, fly and fight to become the last people alive in the catastrophic battle.

This game gives you dramatic, exciting shooting scenes with teammates. Each player will start with the same amount of weapons and ammunition. You must use skill and strategic choices to win. Let's destroy any opponent you meet on your way to be the only survivor in the game and win. You can fight with the help of seventeen different weapons. All weapons are customizable to create a variety of gameplay for you. You can also drive battle tanks. Armored tanks become powerful fighting machines, able to flatten any area and destroy multiple enemies at once. Participating in air combat with jets, and helicopters is also an interesting idea. Fight to stay alive and get stronger.

Speed 4v4 mode, Classic 8v8 mode, Battle Royale mode, and Survival mode are the four game modes available. In each game mode, there will be different maps. These maps show you where you and your opponents are. Through the maps, you can easily choose your favorite place with a suitable view. Classic 8v8 game mode has the most maps with twenty-one maps, followed by Speed ​​4v4 mode with six maps. The other two modes have a map.

Features of War Brokers

  • The game offers better performance, perfect 3D graphics, and realistic audio.
  • The gameplay is smooth and varied, with multiple different game modes: Speed 4v4; Classic 8v8; Battle Royale; Survival.
  • The weapons are varied and can be customized to fit in every battle
  • There are multiple different maps, some of which have vehicles including tanks, jets, and helicopters.
  • Multiplayer.

How to play

F to exit the plane and free fall.

W to dive faster and move forward in free fall.

S to drop faster straight down in free fall

A - Strafes you left slightly in free fall.

D - Strafes you right slightly in free fall.

F to open your parachute. If F is not pressed, the parachute opens automatically before you reach the ground.

W to glide your parachute forward with minimal drop.

S to stall your parachute and drop straight down.

A/D to turn left or right.

Mouse to look around to see where others are parachuting.

N to show the whole map from a top-down view.

F to pick up items on the ground.

E to use binoculars.