The Dawn Of Slenderman


The Dawn Of Slenderman is a first-person horror survival game in which you must find the required pages while avoiding or killing Slenderman.

Which threats in The Dawn of Slenderman will you be brave enough to confront? As you put yourself in the position of a character trapped in the pitch-black depths of an ominous and interminable forest, assist him in carefully navigating his surroundings, defending his back, and attempting to retrieve all eight lost pages to win the game. You sense danger approaching and can't control your nerves since you know something is coming.

Can you successfully complete all of your assignments without putting your life in jeopardy when you sense something coming and danger lurking around the corner? To survive the terrifying creepypasta character known as Slenderman, a humanoid-looking, infinitely tall, faceless head who is ready to steal your life if you're not very careful, run from place to place, visit abandoned buildings, discover concealed cardboard boxes, and so on.


  • WASD or arrow keys = walk around
  • Left mouse button = shoot
  • Right mouse button = aim
  • Mouse wheel = change weapons
  • G = grenade
  • R = reload
  • F = pickup Items
  • Left Shift = Run
  • Left Ctrl = crouch
  • X = prone
  • V = melee attack
  • Space = jump