Tap tap shots


Tap tap shot is a fantastic unlimited basketball tapping game in which you must score as many baskets in a row as possible. I hope it lands in the basket!

You are given a basketball and a succession of different height nets to shoot at; to move the basketball, simply click your left mouse button. Each shot needs more than one click, and you must properly time your clicks to push the ball into the goal.

This is a fantastic game for entertainment purposes. Simply align the right distance to click the mouse to put the ball into the basket in this simple game. When you are limited in time, the game offers a bit of a challenge for you. Overall, this is an appealing simulation game for individuals who enjoy sports, particularly basketball. You will be completely involved in the game and will have the most peaceful moments. Can you become the highest-scoring player? With each turn, you can raise your score.

How To Play

  • You can play by clicking with the mouse.