Superfighters is a fun fighting game with retro graphics, great music, and intense shooting action. Both PVP and PVE game modes are available.

Enter the dangerous arena of skilled SuperFighters to battle enemies of various sizes who want to kill you in return. Choose from a variety of weapons that will affect your statistics and eliminate all enemies. Keep an eye out for boxes containing dynamite, as they can be fatal to your body. You can also join the arena with a friend by selecting the cooperative option. Compete in SuperFighters to be the last man standing!


Player 1

  • both left and right to move up, use the arrow keys.
  • Use the arrow keys to jump or aim up and down.
  • Crouch with the arrow keys, or aim down N for melee damage.
  • M to fire a shot, M to throw a grenade to employ a power-up

Player 2

  • AD to move,
  • W to jump or aim up,
  • S to crouch or aim down,
  • 1 to deal melee damage,
  • 2 to shoot,
  • 3 to throw a grenade, and 4 to activate power-ups