Super Cute Cat


Super Cute Cat is a cute adventure game in which you have to control your small cat to avoid traps, hunt other mutated cats and collect candies along the way.

On the cold winter night, a sweet stray cat. It is finding the way back home. Can you help it? Tap to start the adventure right now. There are many tricky traps on the road. Try your best to control your cute cat to jump through them. You also meet some mutated cats wandering on the road. Be careful with them. Jump on these cats to destroy them. Don't forget to collect candies on the road to feed your hungry cat. Try to get the key and step up to the next level. The higher the level is, the more difficult it is.

Hurry up! The snow is falling harder and harder and your cat is really cold and hungry. If you are a cat lover, please help it to find its way back home.

Features of Super Cute Cat:

  • Many risky traps.
  • Cute graphics and musical sound effects.
  • Multiple maps.

How to play

Use "W-A-S-D" keys or "ARROW KEYS" to move and jump