Stupid Zombies


Stupid Zombies is an amazing shooting game. Try your best to shoot down all the stupid zombies in the arena to get 3 stars and the highest possible score.

Stupid zombies are attacking humans. We need you, Mr Gun. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down all zombies to protect people. The zombies stand on the higher platform or hide under the blocks, which makes it difficult for you to aim. Utilize the bullet ricochet rule if you want to win this game. Remember that the number of ammo is limited. Therefore, think carefully before shooting. You will be rewarded 2000 points with one successive shot. Besides, you will get 3000 points with one ammo which is still in the armoury. Do your best to defeat all zombies to get 3 stars and gain the highest possible score.

There are 4 stages in this game. Each stage consists of 30 levels. Attempt to pass all of them and have fun!

Features of Stupid Zombies

  • 4 stages with 120 challenging levels
  • Easy controls
  • Awesome 2D graphics and thrilling sound effects

How to play

Use the mouse to aim and shoot