StarBlast is a fascinating adventure game. Your mission is to shoot asteroids to collect more gems or shoot other spaceships to survive as long as possible.

This is an attractive game. You will experience driving a spaceship. The massive vast galaxy hides many dangers. Small and large meteorites are approaching, and other warships are also threatening your ship. In the vast expanse of space, you will have to face the fears of nature and man-made. The game is similar to shooting games but is set in a very particular context in space. What mysteries and dangers does the galaxy contain? Let's explore them.

This is a tough fight, and you are not outside the war. Intense clashes and thrilling sniper scenes will attract you. Rely on radar maps to see what meteors are near you or check to see if another spaceship is approaching you. Quickly shoot down all other spaceships for extra points. You will not lose your life if you are the first to defeat them.

Your spaceship can only become powerful when you collect a lot of gems. You can upgrade weapons, upgrade power and buy more of your life. In addition, you can also choose other ships with ultimate strength and excellent fighting ability.

Game modes of StarBlast

Survival Mode: Survival mode is one of the natural modes among the game modes. In this mode, the ships other than the plane and level 7 will have three lives. Once the lives are over, the spaceship gets downgraded to the next lower level.

Team Mode: In the Team mode, up to 65 players can join. A team can have a maximum of 30 members. The unique feature of Team mode is the friendly-fire mechanism. Pro Deathmatch Mode: Deathmatch is a competitive game mode. The players try to get the maximum number of kills enemies, prevent them and avoid death.

Invasion Mode: Unlike the other game modes, Invasion Mode involves up to 6 players in a team to fight against aliens. 

Features of StarBlast

  • There are many levels to try.
  • There are four modes: Survival Mode, Team Mode, Pro Deathmatch Mode, and Invasion Mode.
  • Can upgrade weapons, power, lives, and buy spaceships.
  • Multiplayer.

How to play

1-8 keys to upgrade skills.

Left mouse to aim, shoot.

Right mouse to move.

Mouse to look around.

R to show Radar

C to show Commands