Spooky Bubble Shooter 2


Spooky Bubble Shooter 2 is a game that tests the speed of your eyes and hands. Match 3 or more of the same color bubble to make them disappear. Let's try our best!

the creepy-themed bubble-shooting game. There are a whopping 55 levels in the game. They begin the game as easy as usual before moving on to harder levels later. Help the adorable young child who is dressed as a girl pop all the bubbles. In this enjoyable bubble shooter game, resist the urge to be scared by the eerie characters. The points indicated there are awarded to you when the bubbles land in the bags below the game. Earn 3 stars for each level. The first powerup you can employ gives you five more moves. You'll get an additional 5 balls as a result. The multi-color bubble clears the cluster of nearby balls after that. The gigantic bubble is the last one.

How to play:

To blast and clear the board, finish the stages, and earn points, match three balls. To aim and shoot, tap the screen. It's critical to develop a plan of attack based on the various bubble layouts present at each level. In this entertaining free game, shoot and pop every bubble. Aim carefully and strike the mark! Work your way through each level, solve the brainteasers, and advance to the next one.