Spiderman Fighter


Spiderman Fight is an epic third-person superhero gangster fighting game with everything you could want and all the features you could ask for.

Your Vice city is under attack by dangerous dragons and angry robots, be the superhero the world wants and save the city using spiderman's senses and superpowers your real hero. Chase and slay the frenzied dragons using your hero ropes to throw vines and spin superpowers. Climb tall buildings and battle ferocious dragons to save your city. Turn your spiderman Fight into a cool dragon and fight enemy dragons in the air by flying towards the enemy and using your dragon hero's fire-breathing powers but be careful with battling the Enemy's fire attack.

How to play:

In a completely 3D setting similar to a AAA console game, you control the spider hero. The spider-fighting action game is created using a brand-new engine and is set in a city overrun with criminal gangs. The city was attacked by vicious crime lords, and your spider superhero must take them down! Although police and military forces are unable to fight gangster mafia bosses, civilians need your assistance. The city is doomed and there is no chance, but here you are a real-life Spider-Man superhero fighter! People are depending on you to clear the streets of all thugs. So play one of the best spider heroes fighting games and transform into a superhero to take down the city's bosses!