Sniper 3D


A thrilling match in Sniper 3D will not make you unsatisfied. Let's join the game, play as an assassin, and perform the system's missions to become a winner.

This is an exciting game for shooting enthusiasts. You will be assigned an assassination mission that may kill one person or many people. This game has a fairly simple control system, and you need to adjust the camera to aim, then the gun center, and press the left mouse to shoot the target. It sounds simple, but it is not easy to do it perfectly. Because the center of the shot is affected by the wind. Besides, the weapons will always vibrate, which makes it difficult for you to adjust. Shooting is not affected so much if the target is at close range. But with a longer distance, the center of the gun and the target are smaller, so it only takes a little deviation, and you can not shoot. Moreover, the targets to shoot will not stand still but move very quickly, so it requires higher accuracy to defeat opponents.

The weapons of Sniper 3D

When it comes to a first-person shooter game, it is impossible not to mention the game's weapon system. This game possesses a vast arsenal of weapons for you to experience. To unlock more beautiful and cool guns, you need to increase your level by participating in campaigns and completing many tasks to get points. In addition, you can also upgrade, buy and sell many different weapons with gold coins in the store that the game provides. A little tip for you is that all sniper rifles will promote better power when playing in offline mode. As for the online mode, you should use pistols or pistols for better results.

How to play

Use the mouse to look around.

The left mouse to shoot.

W to zoom in.

S to zoom out.