Smiling Glass 2


Smiling glass 2 is a simple and funny physics-based puzzle game in which you have to fill up the glass with water to change a sad face into a smiling face.

In this game, the mechanics are so simple and easy to control. You just tap the faucet to fill the glass with water and make it smile. Try to control the water flow to avoid moving obstacles and spikes. Always pay attention to the water bar. If it is empty, you will lose.

This game has 40 levels with different tricky traps. The difficulty level will increase following levels. The next level is more challenging and complex than the previous level. Can you overcome all levels to be a champion in this interesting game? Show your tactical thinking and your strategies! Have a good time!

Features of Smiling glass 2

  • Includes 40 levels
  • Easy to play
  • Many tricky traps
  • Bright 2D graphics and musical sound effects

How to play

  • Tap the faucet to get water.