Slope Ball


Slope Ball is a fun single-player running game. To advance to the next level, you must jump over the obstacles and reach the target.

The map of Slope Ball includes 5 spots and 11 entertaining laps. Your job is to fight to save these locations' mascots. With Slope Ball, you can now save the T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, the Giant Snake Titanoboa, the Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, the Ferocious Bear Megatherium, and even the Shark Megalodon. Of course, being a savior is difficult.

The plot

With Slope Ball, you will take on the role of a ball in a variety of shapes. The amusing story is that when you play the part of a ball, you must be intelligent, quick, and determined. The round ball has always fueled the desire to explore new areas. However, the ball becomes entangled in the rescue of new lands while on its voyage. In this edition, the planet you must save has up to five huge lands. Each land is ruled by a mascot in it. They are, however, cursed. They mutated into fearsome beasts never seen before. T-Rex, Titanoboa, Quetzalcoatlus, Megatherium, and Megalodon are no longer their original forms. It was caused by a stranger stealing 5 polygon blocks and concealing them in various areas. Your mission is to complete the racetracks in order to obtain special goods. Those are the enchanted polygons. They are the magical antidote to the planet's five mascots. There is no better way to assist them in returning to their instincts. They will once again safely preserve the planet's lands. The tranquil scenery will return. Surmount the challenges and become the actual savior of the earth!

How to control

  • To jump, use the left mouse button or the spacebar/up arrow key.