Siren Head: Sound of Despair


Siren Head: Sound of Despair is a third-person horror shooter in which you must flee a forest inhabited by a mysterious evil creature. Have a great time!

Have sirens ever come to your attention? You must hope they don't find you because you will be meeting them today. A young woman who had to drive to the woods in search of her missing spouse is the game's main protagonist. She must search the wilderness with only a flashlight in hand for signs of the missing man. However, due to the presence of sirens, you must exercise extreme caution. Maybe one of them is watching you right now. Keep an eye out for any odd noises, and if you feel threatened, look for a safe spot to hide.


  • Fantastic 3D graphics
  • Frightful monster
  • Simple controls

There are three types of weapons: axe, gun, and shotgun.

Simple controls There are three types of weapons: ax, gun, and shotgun.
Fire weapon: Mouse 1 Mouse 2: raise or obstruct sights W, S, A, and D: move the player. Left Shift: sprint to the left Crouch (Ctrl) X: predisposed Jump into space F: choose item R: reload H: weapon holster V: melee attack C: Change Camera View M: Display a map Pause (Esc or Tab)