Sift Renegade 3


Sift Renegade 3 is an engaging action game. In this game, your task is to defeat all the minions to complete the mission and move on to the next level.

You will experience an attractive adventure with Stickman, the character you will transform into. This character is a Japanese swordsman. First, you will participate in training with a little brother. Then the two will fight together and crush the minions of the tycoons in Japan. You will be equipped with weapons to use in battle and be taught how to attack foes. Your enemies are everywhere. The deeper you go into the abandoned factory, the more enemies you will have to face. However, you are always supported by other characters. Both will fight together. You need to defeat as many opponents as possible to get many bonuses. Do not be afraid, and do not step back. Go ahead and use your sword to purge all the bad guys.

Accumulate lots of bonuses. You need them to upgrade weapons and buy new weapons. These weapons will help you survive as long as possible. New weapons are not cheap, so you need to fight hard for a chance to upgrade your weapons. Click on the upgrade section to upgrade existing weapons and buy new weapons for your character. Your efforts will be recognized in the achievements section. Following it to know what you need to do in the next chapter. You will experience attractive gameplay that is unbelievable. Join the game and complete all the assigned tasks.

Features of Sift Renegade 3

  • There are many chapters for you to try.
  • Players can upgrade weapons or buy new ones.
  • Players can upgrade their strength and speed.
  • The achievements section will record what you obtained and your mission in the next chapter.

How to play

Arrow keys to move

C to grab

X to attack