Retro Defenders: Towers War


Retro Defenders: Towers War is an exciting action game. In this game,  you must control your character to protect the princess and castle by fighting against enemies.

Your mission is that you will protect the Kingdom from monster attacks. In this game, you have to keep the defense tower, which is located in the center of the Kingdom, and not allow the enemies to enter your princess. Fire at your enemies, set in the path of monsters' traps, and use the unique capabilities of each character. Initially, you will be the guard solider, you need to increase the number of people in your team to protect the tower together. Because there will be times when the enemy will come with two or three people, it will be very difficult for you if you have to fight alone. Each character whether it be a peasant, soldier, elf, or warrior will have their own weapons. Improve and strengthen your tower as the game progresses, and unlock new soldiers. Furthermore, you need to collect as many gold coins as possible by killing all enemies. That money you can use to buy more teammates or upgrade weapons. There are many levels for you to try. Unlock as many levels as possible to protect the tower and the beautiful princess.

Features of Retro Defenders: Towers War

  • There are many different levels.
  • There are many characters with different powers.
  • You can upgrade your character's weapons to quickly kill monsters.
  • Single-player.

How to play

Use the mouse to control