Punch Bob


Punch Bob is an adventure journey game with the character Bob. To enjoy new experiences, you must control the character to kill rivals and conquer many levels.

The game has hundreds of levels and addictive challenges. In each level, your mission is to defeat other boxers and rescue the hostages, but you do not need to use any complicated skills, simply use the mouse to adjust the jump direction of the character. When you touch the targets on the screen, you have defeated them. Be aware of dodging hostages and traps. And do not forget to take advantage of terrain and obstacles to increase influence. The game has not any ammunition, trigger, or sublime boxing battles. It just has fun. So, you can show off your observation and puzzle skills freely.

The game has completely new gameplay. It is more of a puzzle game than a sport game because it requires you no skill or action strategy. Instead, beating amusing logic games requires more mental effort.

Many addictive logic levels in Punch Bob

  • The levels are arranged by levels. The division of difficulty levels will help you get used to and adapt gradually.
  • The more difficult the game screen, the more effort you have to make.
  • You can progress and apply your experiences to conquer the following levels.
  • With each completed game level, you will move to another level and have many new emotions.  You have to experience not only victory but also defeat.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.