Pixel Smash Duel


Pixel Smash Duel is a competitive battle game. Your mission is to control a ragdoll to fight against your opponent and score as many points as possible.

It’s time to show your power. Click to participate in the fierce battles and prove that you are the strongest guy. Use your weapon to attack continuously your opponent to corner him to the edge of the arena. You will win if your rival falls off the arena. Conversely, you will lose if you unexpectedly fall off the arena. You will get one point after winning a battle. Try your best to gain 5 points first to be the winner. It must be difficult for you to control a ragdoll because their movements are unpredictable. The weapon and location of the arena change after each battle. 

In this game, you can play “1 PLAYER” or “2 PLAYERS” modes. For a “1 PLAYER” mode, you have to fight against the CPU. For a “2 PLAYERS” mode, you can invite your family or friends to play it with you.

Features of Pixel Smash Duel:

  • Multiple maps
  • Incredible 2D pixel graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:


Press a “W” key to jump

Press an “E” key to attack


Press “UP ARROW KEY” to jump

Press an “M” key to attack