Moon Clash Heroes


Experience a third-person perspective through Moon Clash Heroes. Let's fight against robot soldiers with high-tech weapons and put your name on the leaderboard. 

Become a member of a special task force in space, complete missions, and fight hard with the opposing team. During the battle, you must avoid being shot and destroy as many enemies as possible. Your enemies and teammates will be distinguished by a small triangle on their heads. Your teammates will have a blue triangle, and the opponents will have a red triangle. Aim the enemies and knock them down with your gun. In addition, if you feel too dangerous, you can crouch to dodge bullets or throw grenades at the enemy. Try to avoid getting killed.

Multiplayer game

This is a multiplayer game. Your teammates can be random players. In addition, you can also invite your friends to join this game. Press the Invite button, copy the link, then send it to your friends. When your friends have fully participated in the game, let's start the game. All of you will be closer after taking part in the game. Finally, play together and fight all the other opponents.

Graphics and sound.

The graphics are vivid. The characters are well designed. Many game details are paid attention to and create a highlight for the game. The gaming space is fantastic. You will feel like you are fighting in spaceships.

The character's motion generates sound, which makes the game more lively. Besides, there are extremely realistic sniper sounds. Therefore, you will be immersed in a thrilling, dramatic battle space.

How to play 

Left mouse button to shoot

Right mouse button to use scope

WASD or arrow keys to move

Space bar to jump

G to throw grenades

C to crouch