Kart is an engaging io game. Your task in this game is to push other opponents into the water and become the last person left on the ground.

In this game, you will control a cute cat on a small car. Then crash repeatedly into other opponents you see on screen to make them fall into the water. You must collide with them. Choose a safe position to make different opponents fall into the water while you are still on the land. If you stand too close to the edge of the sea, you will be pushed away by your opponent at any time. So be careful because you not only have one opponent, but you also have many other opponents that are lurking and want to push you out of the game. The more opponents you knock down, the bigger you become. Then, knocking down smaller opponents becomes more accessible than ever. Try to be the winner, the last person left on the ground.

Whenever you win, you will receive a bonus with a cute fish image. Use this money to exchange other cats for many cool cars. They have more superior features and help you push more opponents down.

Features of Kart

  • There are many levels to play.
  • The shop sells cats with unique cars.
  • The theme of the competition varies according to the type of character you purchase.
  • Multiplayer.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.