Happy Glass


Happy Glass is a fun puzzle game in which you must fill an empty glass. Draw lines to bring the water back into the glass and make the glass happy again.

This glass was always filled with water, making it cheerful, but today it is empty and has turned melancholy. Now because you are the only one who can save it, build a line to direct water downward; once the glass is filled, it will once more be joyful. Enjoy the many levels that are waiting for you!

In each of the three game types, try to cheer up the glass. In this enjoyable online puzzle game, you must abide by the rules to pass each level. Master all of the variations. Either remove barriers to allow water to fill the cup or tilt the glass into the proper position to reach the bottom without spilling. Try to finish every level in this online rendition of the well-known app Happy Glass.

How to Play

To get going, tap or click START. Filling the glass with a water droplet is the goal of the game. Create a line beginning at the water faucet by tapping and dragging with your mouse. There may be times when you need to add more lines. Every level will present a fresh challenge that becomes harder. Try your hardest and advance!


  • Dynamic system. Draw lines as you please to finish levels!
  • Simple, clever, and enjoyable puzzles that can also be difficult
    on several levels and more will be added shortly!
  • You'll want to remain for a while given the entertaining and soothing theme.
  • You need to make lines with a magic pen and ink to pour water into the glass. saving ink to achieve stars. 80 playable levels and challenges.


  • 80 levels/challenges to play.


  • Click/Tap and drag to draw lines.