Guns And Magic


Guns And Magic is a dramatic action game. In this game, you have to control your character to defeat the aliens who are threatening your farm.

The first-person game gives you a realistic experience. You will play the role of a farmer whose mission is to protect the farm from aliens. They were dropped by a spaceship floating in the air. They are very crowded and are looking for ways to destroy your farm. First, you will use your magic to shoot them. Then, after defeating an alien, you will receive diamonds. Use diamonds to build defensive fortresses and barricade enemies. These will help you keep your farm safe. The aliens are protected by armor, making them more resistant to your might. You will also face giant monsters with more terrible power the next day. So you need to collect more diamonds to build other defenses. A fierce battle is taking place on your farm. Let's find ways to protect the farm and move on to the next day.

This is an exciting game. You will experience a day of fierce fighting with a large number of enemies. Non-stop fighting is the only way to protect the farm. Unique game graphics attract every player's eyes. The alien characters are also specially designed. Realistic game sound helps it blend in with the overall game.

Features of Guns And Magic

  • The number of aliens is increasing day by day.
  • Many defensive buildings also appear to help you complete the mission.
  • Exciting missions, vivid sounds, eye-catching images.

How to play:

WASD to move. 

Mouse to look around. 

E to build/ upgrade/ interact. 

Left mouse button to shoot.

Left shift to run.