Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter


Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is an awesome shooting game in which you have to control a spacecraft to shoot down alien aircraft and break their invasion plan.

Danger! Danger! There is a very large number of aircraft are on the way to our Earth planet. They want to invade the Earth. As a captain, you have to lead your galactical squad to fight against an increasingly large number of alien attackers and protect our beautiful Earth. Don't worry! There are many useful items dropping from the sky. Collect them to upgrade your spacecraft and weapons. Try to avoid deadly shots of alien aircraft. Avoid crashing into the alien shooter if you don't want to die soon. You have to face various extreme bosses Be careful!

This game includes +100 levels with different degrees of difficulty. It can be challenging for you. Do your best!

Features of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

  • Has +100 levels.
  • Drop many valuable items that help to upgrade weapons
  • Great 2D visuals and a melodic soundtrack

How to play

Use the mouse or touch control to control your battleship