Drift F1


Drift F1 is a fascinating game in which you will discover all of the world's famous race tracks. How far do you think you'll get in this intriguing game?

Join the incredible Drift F1 race right away! If you enjoy insane racing games, this one is perfect for you! The newest game on our website is this one. While it is comparable to Drift Boss, there are additional levels and fresh content to explore.

It is your responsibility to steer your car so that they do not veer off the path. You will find this track to be really challenging because of all the turns and the small size. You will get whipped out and unable to advance to a new, harder level if you do not pay close attention to controlling your vehicle. Start this thrilling race right away to demonstrate your racing prowess. I hope you succeed in this enjoyable game's levels!

How to play

  • Click left or right to turn left or right.
  • To go straight, let release of the mouse button.