Desert 51 Shooting Game


Desert 51 Shooting Game is a 3D pixel multiplayer online game! Play with your friends until you've mastered the first-person shooter in a battle royale.

Defeat all of your international friends. Enjoy time with your friends! This is a great option if you don't like playing with other people because it lets more players participate rather than having everyone fight at random intervals. But exercise caution. Don't run away in fear from this place because if someone is shot, their health will suffer. Talk in chat as you play your online multiplayer game to improve the fun factor. Survivor games with multiplayer and first-person sniper 3D challenges. A first-person shooting game with the best online multiplayer games and stunning graphics. In the two-player game "The winning team," at least one soldier has been unlocked by the end.

Game Modes

Use weapons like Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, and Sapper in free multiplayer games online. Gain points in GAME MODE while playing online gun games to activate particular class powers:

  • FPS Games: You can watch players who joined FPS games online in real-time in new free online shooting games
  • TDM games: Players can play with friends and there are many weapons available
  • Battle Royale Games: Enter the Battle Royale mode in multiplayer games and compete to survive


  • WASD - control character
  • The mouse looks around shooting changing guns on the scroll
  • Tab - menu
  • Q E - attachments and camo gun
  • Enter - chat