Clash Royale


Clash Royale is a card strategy game that lets you engage in real-time battles with your favorite Clash of Clans characters in a whole new way.

Clash Royale is an addictive game that is fun to play in its own right. While this is true when it comes to free-to-play games, if you choose to spend money on the season pass, it will speed up your progress, instantly unlocking perks. A combined strategy and card game, Clash Royale lets you engage in real-time battles with your favorite Clash of Clans characters in a whole new way. Similar alternative card games are Gwent or The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game.

Epic real-time card battles

The main objective of Clash Royale is to win the match by collecting crowns. The crown is awarded for destroying the opponent's crown tower within the time limit. You can optionally use an arsenal of troops, spells, and defenses similar to what you find in Clash of Clans. Currently familiar Royals: Baby Dragon, Knight, Prince, King and Princess.

Victory is achieved by skillfully combining spells and special attacks using a deck that builds and improves slowly over the course of the game. In Clash Royale on Windows, use your mouse to place your cards on the battlefield and attack enemy fortresses. However, it is imperative that your competitors are doing the same to you. Defense is very important.

There are still external factors that will change the value of a unit, but this game doesn't play like Clash of Clans. When an enemy engages you in Clash Royale, it will trigger a card clash, destroying their power against you. Instead of building towers and training troops, in this game the strength of each card, and how it combines with the others in your deck, will determine whether you survive the interaction.

Each player's side on the arena consists of three towers. Each tower represents a certain number of crowns, with King and Princess towers providing higher counts. Depending on the circumstances, a match can often be decided by toppling the King and Princess towers alone and bypassing the third tower. This plays a role in Clash Royale's overall winning strategy; outlive your opponents.

However, survival doesn't just depend on your deck and which towers are targeted. Time limits also play a role. Enemy towers must be destroyed in just three minutes, and although there are some achievable powerups that can last for a short time, every match is sure to turn into a run. Race against the clock. Experience with the game will give you both stronger cards and more familiarity with the different tactics you can employ.

Enlist, participate and grow

Clash Royale is a role-playing, strategy and captivating game to play in your free time. The game also receives regular updates from its development team, Supercell, keeping the game fresh and interesting with each patch. Incentivizing real money spending is an unfortunate direction for the gaming industry as a whole, but if you can get past this, Clash Royale can be an enjoyable experience.