Bazooka Boy Online


Bazooka Boy Online is a funny shooting game. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down all red ragdolls in the arena in the shortest time.

Play this game now and show off your shooting skill. In this game, your objective is to aim accurately and destroy all enemies in the arena and explode their buildings and bases. At the start of the game, you have a total of 999 points. Your points decrease constantly. If you want to get a high score, try to kill all your rivals as quickly as possible. Note that the number of bullets is limited. Therefore, you have to kill all your opponents before you run out of bullets. The game is over if there is no more bullet and there are the red ragdolls left in the arena.

This game features 24 challenging levels. Do your best to complete all of them and have fun.

Features of Bazooka Boy Online

  • 24 levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Easy control
  • Nice 2D graphics and energetic music

How to play

Use the mouse to aim and shoot