Battalion Commander 1917


Battalion Commander 1917 is a warm-themed 2D shooting operation game. Your mission is to destroy the enemy in this game to save your 1600 teammates

Welcome back to the Great War! You play as a soldier attempting to advance through a series of tasks! Prove your loyalty to your country and the army by completing quests and unlocking new skills and upgrades to advance faster! Rifle through the battlefield, saving ally soldiers and shooting foes. You can use barrels to cause explosions and indirectly harm adversaries. To keep your health point high, avoid bullets. The plane attacks will warn you ahead of time; keep an eye out for red indicators on the ground and manoeuvre around them. You can fire and demolish anything belonging to the enemy army, but don't get too focused on buildings or you'll get shot by other units. With the gold you collect, you can buy improvements, level up to new positions, and earn benefits in the warzone. Accept greater challenges in order to advance in the army. Allow your fellow soldiers who are being held captive on an enemy territory to join you in the operation. Collect coins to purchase valuable upgrades such as a hefty tank!


Navigate the soldier with the mouse and activate them with the left mouse button on the skill button.