Bank Robbery


Bank Robbery is an engaging action game. Let's defeat all of the bank's security and rob as much money as possible to upgrade weapons and buy teams.

Bank robbery happens, and you are the leader of this looting gang. To hide your face and ensure your identity, you and all your teammates will wear a hat with an animal body covering your head so that no one will recognize you, like a real robbery. Your opponents are also equipped with modern guns. While other teammates are empty of money, you need to protect them. Shoot down all the guards in the bank to make the robbery happen smoothly. However, things are not that easy. In the bank, there are countless security guards, and they are also trying to shoot you down. Take advantage of the terrain to shield you and continue to attack the guard. You will get a mount of money after each successful bank robbery. Equip more weapons to be able to destroy the enemy more easily. With the money you have, you can also choose your teammates. Two teams are available for you to choose from stormtrooper and sniper. Complete missions as best as possible to get more coins and upgrade more exciting tasks. Good luck.

Sound and pictures

Gun sounds, footsteps, game sounds, and other things attract players on the first try. You seem to be immersed in a dramatic bank robbery. It can be said that sound is one of the factors that make the game popular among many people.

Featured images. The layout is like an actual robbery. They create a tense and dramatic atmosphere for the game.

Features of Bank Robbery

  • There are different types of guns, including Revolver, Shotgun, Assault rifles, and Sniper rifles.
  • There are two types of teams: Stormtrooper and sniper.
  • Upgrade missions on helicopters.
  • Single-player.
  • Sharp graphics and animated sound.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.